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Cost effective GPRS data logger for water network flow and commercial meter reading

XiLog+ 1Fm is a new variant of the successful XiLog+1F data logger. It provides remote daily reading of flow meter index values plus flowrates at regular intervals. Applications include commercial metering, leakage monitoring and DMA management. Data available at host computer or online.

XiLog+ 1Fm counts pulses from flowmeters with contact-closure pulse units or from electromagnetic flowmeters. The flow input can log two uni-directional flows or one
bi-directional flow. Also, both outputs from combination meters can be logged on one logger input channel. The existing meter index value can be entered at start of logging

Key Features

  • Two, uni-directional flow inputs
  • Also logs daily minimum, maximum and total flow
  • High – low alarm facility
  • Local data transfer via USB
  • Roaming SIM for improved underground communications
  • Easy installation in small underground chambers or above ground
  • Robust and waterproof to IP68
  • Minimum five year battery life


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Cloud-based data delivery available

XiLog+1Fm Schematic