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Applications include monitoring of distribution network flow and pressure, reservoir and borehole depth, open channel flow, sewer overflow, pump operation and rainfall.

Water meters

Pulse units are available for all major clean water supply meters.

Depth measurement using silicon pressure transducer

Solid state pressure transducer fitted with vent chamber. Typical applications include reservoir borehole and river depth measurement.

Open channel flow using Doppler sensor

The Doppler method uses a continuous, ultrasonic signal sent into the water at a known angle to measure the flow velocity. Moving particles generate a frequency shift proportional to the velocity of the particles

Level measurement using radar sensor

Sensor uses pulsed microwaves enabling high accuracy level measurement over wide range; unaffected by humidity, surface foam etc which can create false echoes.

Rain gauge

A rain gauge can give first indication of increased surface water entering the sewer network. This provides information to treatment works upon predicted increased water volumes.

Level measurement using ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic pulses are reflected by the surface and received at the sensor. A common application is for depth v flow-rate determination on weirs or for monitoring sewer overflows at times of excessive rainfall.

Pump time functioning – current clamp

The current clamp detects when a pump is taking electric power; thus monitoring the functioning time of the pump. The volume of water pumped is calculated from the pump run-time.

Overflow sensor

The overflow sensor is self-powered and, when submerged, indicates presence of water. The system measures the time an overflow occurs. The sensor has a designed profile to avoid sediment build up.




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