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PrimeTouch Apps

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PrimeTouch Apps provide a single, leak pin-pointing, platform for the operation of both real-time and off-line correlation plus a ground microphone.

Key Features

  • Real-time correlation with radio transmitters – routine operation
  • Off-line correlation using noise loggers – deployment over-night for difficult leaks or when pipe access is difficult
  • Ground microphone listening – for leak confirmation
  • Training app
  • Ideal for plastic pipes, large mains and over longer distance

The Mikron3 App

When this App is used the Minimum Noise Level is displayed. This is the background noise level, including leak noise, but without transient noises, such as traffic. To further enable accurate leak pinpointing the Mikron App also displays a bar graph of the frequency content detected. The frequency will increase as the sensor is positioned closer to the leak. (This feature is not included with other Mikron3 processor options).


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