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Rugged insertion flowmeter for water networks

PrimeProbe3+ is a bi-directional insertion full bore flowmeter for permanent or portable use in managing water distribution systems. It is a cost effective alternative to full-bore flow
meters and is ideal for use over a wide range of flows and pipe diameters.


  • DMA and zonal metering
  • Night flow measurement for leakage control
  • Metering at pumps and reservoirs
  • Permanent meter testing and calibration
  • Network analysis surveys

SMART mode optimum performance

PrimeProbe3+ SMART mode offers optimum accuracy whilst preserving battery life. This mode automatically adjusts the measurement response time when variation of
the flow velocity occurs. This gives more accurate results when the flowrate is changing rapidly and also preserves battery life when the flow-rate is stable.


Installation in pipelines is typically via a small valve tapping. It may be installed with the sensor on the pipe centreline or at the position of mean velocity (1/8 pipe diameter).
PrimeProbe3+ is a very rugged device with a strong stem and sensor plus a safety chain. It is available with a choice of six insertion lengths and is waterproof to IP68.

Flexible data collection

Programming is carried out via USB connection. PrimeProbe3+ provides a pulsed output which may be connected to a PrimeLog+ data logger (for local data collection) or to XiLog+ (for remote data collection). XiLog+ data can be transferred to any FTP server to be viewed online using PrimeWeb or connection to SCADA systems. Logged flow and pressure data can also be transferred to PrimeWorks or XAP Desktop, providing graphing, reporting, export and database facilities.

Flow Profiling

PrimeProbe3+ provides an accurate measurement of water velocity and if the flow velocity profile is fully developed then also a measurement of flow volume. A software package is
available to determine the velocity profile by measuring the velocity at multiple positions across the pipe.

Key Features

  • Insertion lengths available for use in pipe diameters 80mm to over 2000mm
  • Velocity measurement down to 20mm/sec
  • No interruption to supply at installation
  • Long battery life up to 10 years (dependent upon response time)
  • Measures flow in low conductivity water
  • Very rugged, for use up to 25 Bar operating pressure


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