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Wireless noise logger for leak detection

Phocus3 is a noise logger designed for detecting and localising water leakage. It enables water suppliers to quickly and efficiently locate leaks in the water network. Its wireless communications allow both ‘lift and shift’ or permanent deployment. Onsite leakage results may be obtained via the Communications Module with detailed analysis carried out on the host software.

The logger samples pipeline noise at one-second intervals during each of the three sample epochs during the night when background acoustic noise is lowest. It carries out statistical analysis on each of the three epochs to determine the Leakage Confidence Factor. The lowest leak noise is also measured, termed the Critical Noise Value: important as a measure of how close to the leak the logger is situated.

Data acquisition

Data may be displayed as a table of all logger Critical Noise dB values and Leakage Confidence Factors for easy comparison of results. Loggers are shown on a Google Map*, colour coded by Leak Confidence Factor and thus relative position to leak(s). Clicking on an individual logger allows access to a logger data report.

Leakage status displayed on a Google Map (courtesy of *Google Maps)

Key Features

  • Rapid overnight identification of leaks
  • Two models available; local IR contact (lift + shift operation) and radio contact (greater range for permanent installation)
  • Small size
  • Histogram display of noise data
  • Phocus noise algorithm to reduce incidence of un-detected leaks
  • GPS coordinates stored in logger
  • Leak listening; real time (whilst on site) and recorded to aid remote leak identification


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