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Advanced acoustic listening technology

The Mikron3, a water leakage ground microphone system is the optimum device for water leak detection available in the market. With high sensitivity sensors and wireless sensor communications the device allows users to detect leaks easily and effectively. The Mikron 3 provides high acoustic quality leak noise listening by direct pipe contact or on the ground surface. It features extensive filter selection and a graphic minimum noise level display options. There is a choice of three processors: Mini, Pro and PrimeTouch App.

Dynamic listening control

If the noise level changes rapidly, for example due to traffic noise, then the sound to the operator headphones is switched off. When the source of louder noise disappears, the Dynamic Listen Control automatically reconnects sound to the headphones. This control both protects the operators hearing and is an automatic ‘press-to-listen’ feature.

Minimum noise level display

Leak noise propagates from the leak to the ground surface where it can be detected using the sensitive ground microphone. For accurate leak pinpointing Mikron displays the minimum noise level. This is the background noise level, including leak noise, but without transient noises, such as traffic.

Frequency display

To further enable accurate leak pinpointing Mikron3 also displays the frequency content detected as a bar graph. This will increase as the sensor is positioned closer to the leak.

Key Features

  • High quality piezo sensors for optimum sound quality
  • Wireless sensor communications for reduced airborne noise pick-up
  • Dynamic Listen Control
  • Choice of sensors; Listening rod, accelerometer and ground microphone
  • Choice of threes; Mini, Pro and PrimeTouch App
  • In-case battery charging


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PrimeTouch Apps

Leak locations applications  on one platform

  • Enigma – Off-line multiple sensor correlation
  • Eureka3 – Real-time correlation for pinpointing leaks
  • Mikron3 – Leak position confirmation using ground microphone
Mikron3 Schematic

The Mikron3 is a totally reliable part of my equipment and gives me confidence that any leak is properly confirmed prior to excavation
Leak Technician