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Innovative leak noise correlator

Eureka3 provides high-performance leak noise correlator and leak noise logger of multiple pipe material.

Powerful Adaptive Filtering

The Eureka3+ incorporates the new Adaptive Filter. This operates live in the frequency ranges selecting the optimum correlation. This enables location of difficult leaks missed using conventional filters. The Eureka3+ option also features post-processing such that re-analysis of results can be carried out on and off-site.

Key Features

  • Easy to use with touch display
  • Online and offline correlation
  • Pinpoint location using multi-sensors or ground microphone
  • Highly durable and adaptable leak noise correlator
  • Multi-correlation without pipe parameter input

Additional Features

  • Optional direct transmitter connection to pipe (street-working friendly)
  • Rapid leak detection – before entry of pipe details
  • Unwanted noise suppression
  • GPS leak and transmitter locations saved
  • In-case battery charging from mains or vehicle


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Leak locations applications  on one platform

  • Eureka3 – Real-time correlation for leak pinpointing
  • Enigma – Off-line multiple sensor correlation for optimum performance
  • Mikron3 – Leak position confirmation using ground microphone
Eureka3 Schematic

"Looking for a leak in PVC sometimes is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Using the Eureka3+ with Adaptive Filter removes the haystack" Murry Bartlett, Murry The Plumber Ltd, New Zealand