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Leak noise loggers for leak location

Enigma are state-of-the-art digital “Lift and Shift” correlating leak noise loggers that are designed to be used as a temporary or semi-permanent water network survey tool. This correlation logging system can determine the location of leaks in buried water pipes. Enigma combines noise logging and noise correlation into one operation to provide improved operational efficiency.

Trouble free deployment

Enigma correlating leak noise loggers are deployed at multiple positions, typically on valves or hydrants, during normal working hours. They may be programmed for either daytime or night-time operation

Avoids costly night-time working

Enigma loggers record the actual leak sound. When retrieved the leak sound is transferred to the host software where it is processed to display all leak positions between loggers.

Consistently finds difficult leaks

The Enigma has a proven track record of finding leaks that competing products cannot find. It  provides the optimum in correlation technologies available.

Key Features

  • Leak detection and location in one operation
  • Optimum performance in difficult leak detection situations
  • Three sound samples separate genuine usage from leakage
  • Finds multiple leaks
  • Powerful analysis software


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Leak locations applications  on one platform

  • Eureka3 – Off-line multiple sensor correlation for optimum performance
  • Enigma- Real-time correlation for leak pinpointing
  • Mikron3 – Leak position confirmation using ground microphone
Enigma Schematic

The Enigma has proven an indispensable part of our leak detection toolkit. It’s found our needle in the haystack!
Gareth Ingram Leak Technician RPS Group