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Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the largest problems facing the world today is the growing demand for clean, safe, water.

Primayer’s core business is to facilitate the reduction of wastage and to increase the provision of water, a vital resource for life. Our environmental credentials are fundamental to our success and that of our customers.

We believe in applying our technology and expertise to social and environmental issues. As a manufacturer of leak detection and network management technology, Primayer is committed to developing products that will reduce water leakage.

We are a socially responsible company, contributing to the wider communities in which we live, work and do business. As part of our CSR, Primayer proudly supports Water Aid, a charity dedicated to bringing plentiful clean water to the 750 million people around the world that do not have access to safe water.

As well as supporting charities at a corporate level, Primayer encourages its staff to participate in charity and local community events.

We believe in delivering business results in a responsible way – continuously improving the energy efficiency of our manufacturing facility is one way in which we deliver on our commitment to being a responsible and sustainable. We also encourage and provide facilities for recycling within our office and manufacturing facilities.

Primayer supports equal opportunity in the workplace. Equal opportunity is about good employment practices and efficient use of our most valuable asset, our employees. We comply with all relevant laws, regulations and codes of conduct to create an environment free from discrimination, where our staff are encouraged to reach their full potential.