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Home » News » Anglian Water pioneers use of naval technology to find leaks

Anglian Water pioneers use of naval technology to find leaks

One of Britain’s 23 water suppliers, Anglian Water supplies the driest and largest geographical area in the country. The water company is investing £240 million to tackle leaks.  They aim to reduce water loss by 22% in their 40,000 km network by 2023.  They have chosen Primayer’s leakage monitoring technology, originally developed for the US Navy, to do this.

Sean McCarthy, head of leakage at Anglian Water, said: “We already have the lowest level of leakage in the water industry at half the national average. But being ahead of the curve means we’re now into the realms of tracking down really hard to find leaks, long before they’re visible to the naked eye, meaning our leakage targets are now really tough.

“We’re looking into every avenue of engineering available to us to continually be better, and technology like this will revolutionise our ability to meet those tough targets.

“The [Primayer] noise logger is a permanent fixture within the water pipe, taking readings every night so any noise from leaks can be heard more clearly and analysed by our leakage team. Essentially we’re listening for leaks; these are our ears in the ground.

“Ultimately, lower leakage means a better service for our customers, less chance of supply interruptions and less disruption because we can find and fix leaks while they’re small and invisible.”

Working with Primayer’s in-house data team, Anglian Water has developed a dedicated modelling system that works out the optimum points across the water mains network to place the sensors. This precise deployment means the noise loggers can be installed much more efficiently.

McCarthy added: “We’ll be installing 3,500 noise loggers across our network between now and 2020, with a further tranche already being planned beyond that.

“Ultimately they will form a cornerstone of our leakage strategy and work alongside our other technology, like thermal imaging drones and satellite imagery to help us save millions of litres of water.”

Read more here about how Anglian Water manage water loss and their Asset Management Plan AMP7

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