Water network data logging with 3G, GPRS and SMS communications

XiLog+ is an advanced range of data loggers with remote communication options. It is available in single to nine channel models for use with a wide variety of sensors for clean and waste water network monitoring. Data is available via PrimeWeb.


  • One, two, three and nine channel models
  • High performance state-of-the-art below ground antenna
  • Data available ‘on-line’
  • Data transmission down to 15 minutes (needs external power)
  • Profile alarms with separately defined high and low profiles
  • Wide range of sensors and high accuracy
  • Powered for up to 5 years (depends upon configuration) + external battery and mains options
  • Robust and waterproof to IP68

Data Transfer

Loggers may be configured to use 3G/GPRS or SMS remote communications for periodic reporting. Transmission period can be set from 15 minutes to 24 hours. The state-of-the-art antenna enables XiLog+ to operate from below ground in most locations. In areas of poor cellular coverage, external antenna options are available. Local data transfer via USB.


  • District flow, leakage and consumption monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring
  • PRV performance
  • Reservoir / bore-hole depth
  • Level / flow conversion on open channel
  • Rainfall
  • Overflow detection
  • Open channel flow measurement

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