Cloud based data for water network pressure, flow and leak location

PrimeWeb is a web-based solution for the collection and display of water network hydraulic data plus leak alarms and correlated leak positions -all on one platform.

PrimeWeb processes remote data from XiLog+ data loggers. Phocus3 and Phocus3m acoustic noise loggers and Enigma3m correlating noise loggers. It is accessible on any device with internet access.


  • Access to network pressure and flows, water usage, nightlines, leakage detection and leak location
  • Dashboard displays Xilog+, Phocus and Enigma3m data availability
  • Logger data and leak positions on Google Maps* and ‘Street-View’
  • Alarms available via email
  • High security;
    • – Microsoft Cloud based
    • – Bespoke encoded data format
    • – Unique Client log-ins
  • Operation using any internet browser
  • On-site data accessed via tablet or smartphone

Noise logger leak status table

Network pressure + flow data

Correlation thumbnails with logger positions on Google Map
*Courtesy of Google Maps

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