Rugged insertion flowmeter for water networks

PrimeProbe3 is a bi-directional insertion flowmeter for use in managing water distribution systems. It has no moving parts making it reliable and ideal for use over a wide range of flows and pipe diameters.



  • Insertion lengths available for use in pipe diameters 80mm to over 2000mm
  • Velocity measurement down to 20mm/sec
  • Very rugged and for use up to 25 Bar operating pressure
  • No interruption to supply at installation
  • Battery life 4.8 years (at sampling every 15 seconds)
  • Measures flow in low conductivity water
  • Data collection options via GPRS and SMS
  • Velocity profile software available for optimum performance


  • DMA and zonal metering
  • Minimum night flow for leakage control
  • Network surveys
  • Permanent meter testing
  • Metering at pumps and reservoirs


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