Flexible technology for acoustic leak location

Mikron3 is designed for optimum leak pinpointing and confirmation. The combination of advanced sensors with low-noise processing electronics gives excellent acoustic performance. With its choice of sensors and processors, Mikron3 is a flexible operational tool.



  • High quality piezo sensors for optimum sound quality
  • Wireless sensor communications for reduced airborne noise pick-up
  • Dynamic listen control
  • Choice of sensors; Listening rod, Accelerometer and Ground microphone
  • Choice of three processors; Mini, Pro and PrimeTouch App
  • In-case battery charging

Dynamic Listen Control

The Dynamic Listen Control continuously monitors the detected noise level. If the noise level changes rapidly, for example due to traffic noise, then the sound to the operator headphones is switched off. When the source of louder noise disappears, the Dynamic Listen Control automatically reconnects sound to the headphones. This control both protects the operators hearing and is an automatic ‘press-to-listen’ feature.


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