Mikron 3 – PrimeTouch App


– PrimeTouch® App

Wireless ground microphone for leak location

The Mikron3 ground microphone enables very high quality surface listening to confirm a leak position. The Mikron3 App is selected on PrimeTouch®, which also hosts Eureka3, thus combining correlation and leak listening on a common operating platform.


  • Very high acoustic performance
  • Touch-screen operation
  • Wireless sensor communication for reduced wind noise
  • Minimum noise level bar display
  • Optional frequency analysis bar display
  • Full frequency spectrum display

Minimum Noise Level display

Leak noise propagates from the leak to the ground surface where it can be detected using the sensitive ground microphone. For accurate leak pinpointing Mikron displays the Minimum Noise Level. This is the background noise level, including leak noise, but without transient noises, such as traffic.

Frequency display

To further enable accurate leak pinpointing Mikron also displays the frequency content detected as a bar graph. This will increase as the sensor is positioned closer to the leak.

Mikron Downloads:

PrimeTouch Apps

Applications for network operations


  • High definition touch screen for easy operation
  • Interactive displays via ‘screen swipe’ feature
  • Multiple applications on one processor
  • Large virtual buttons for use with gloves

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