Innovative leak location correlator

eureka3-transparent-logo Easy touch screen operation

The Eureka3 operation on the PrimeTouch® hardware platform designed for water leakage control applications. The high visibility colour display provides clear operation in all weather conditions. The touch screen ensures easy operation involving the minimum actions to achieve results. Large ‘virtual buttons’ allow use when gloves are worn.

Eureka3+ Logo Powerful Adaptive Filtering

The Eureka3+ incorporates the new Adaptive Filter. This operates live in the frequency ranges selecting the optimum correlation. This enables location of difficult leaks missed using conventional filters. The Eureka3+ option also features post-processing such that re-analysis of results can be carried out on and off site.


  • High definition touch screen for easy operation
  • Street-working friendly
  • Powerful new Adaptive Filter option
  • Off-line leak location via correlating loggers
  • Leak confirmation using ground microphone

Additional features

  • Optional direct transmitter connection to pipe (street-working friendly)
  • Rapid leak detection – before entry of pipe details
  • Unwanted noise suppression
  • GPS leak and transmitter locations saved
  • In-case battery charging from mains or vehicle

Eureka3 Downloads

PrimeTouch Apps

  • Real-time correlation for leak pinpointing

  • Off-line multiple sensor correlation for optimum performance


  • Leak position confirmation using ground microphone

Combination packages available

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