Advanced correlation system for accurate leak location

Eureka Digital provides a powerful solution for locating leaks, even where there is substantial background noise or only the quietest of leak noise is present. Users can have confidence on metallic, plastic and cement pipes.


  • Optimum performance in difficult leak detection situations
  • Operation not limited by radio range
  • Re-analysis of digitally recorded sound
  • Optional direct transmitter connection to pipe (street-work friendly)
  • Three sensor input for automatic velocity measurement
  • Flexible operation

Proven Performance

Eureka Digital uses the same technology as developed for the successful Enigma multi-point correlation system – a system proven to deliver the ultimate in leak location performance.

Unique transmitters

The transmitters offer the choice of real-time (radio)
operation or delayed recording (logging) operation –
this eliminates radio range problems associated with
conventional correlators. Furthermore, the transmitter
has an integral sensor which can connect directly to
the pipe – meaning that the chamber cover can often
be closed resulting in much less disruption to traffic.

Automatic velocity measurement

Every Eureka Digital can operate with three sensors –
without the need for the purchase of a third
transmitter. The third sensor connects directly to the
receiver module. Three sensors provide the facility to
measure velocity – improving leak location accuracy
and greatly reducing the chances of ‘dry holes.’


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