Optimised for trunk main leakage

Enigma®-hyQ is a variant of the standard Enigma multi-point correlation logger that has been further optimized for leak location in large diameter pipes and over longer distances. A high sensitivity hydrophone is used (directly detects the pressure wave in the water) coupled with the application of narrow band filtering.

System features

  • High sensitivity hydrophone
  • Narrow band filtering technique
  • Very low electronic ‘noise floor’
  • Records acoustic data at night
  • Multiple recording ‘epochs’

Multi-point Correlation

Enigma-hyQ loggers are deployed during normal working hours at multiple insertion points along a main. Enigma-hyQ gives optimum performance by recording the leak sound at night – when background acoustic noise is lowest and water pressure is usually highest.

Programming and data readback utilises optical and USB communications to ensure rapid operation.

Two Systems available

  • Enigma (8 logger system – as shown above)
  • Enigma-Compact (3 logger system)