About Us

Mission Statement

Primayer is a world leading developer and manufacturer of intelligent technologies for the effective monitoring of water networks and for reducing the loss of potable water.  Our focus is only on this market.  We aim to provide innovative technologies enabling effective management of water – the planet’s most important resource.  With over twenty years’ experience we are committed globally to supplying quality products for water utilities, consultants and contractors.


Primayer instruments utilise innovative technologies to form an integrated approach to water system management. We offer a wide choice of products to meet both routine and complex applications. Our commitment is to the future needs of our customers.

Design and manufacture

Primayer has a proactive design team which continually pioneers new products and systems maintaining Primayer as a leading provider of technology for the water industry.

Our manufacturing facility adheres to the highest standards of best practice at all stages of the manufacturing and quality control process.

Global presence

Primayer has a modern design and manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom plus additional sales and support facilities located in France and Malaysia. We also have distributors in over 40 countries worldwide employing highly experienced personnel.


Primayer’s core business is to facilitate the reduction of wastage and to increase the provision of water, a vital resource for life. Our environmental credentials are fundamental to our success and that of our customers.

Taking every opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment is becoming more and more important, and this is influencing the way that our customers and partners approach a particular project.